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Ultra Lite Scan Alpine® 2 Person Waterproof Camping Tent for rent

Scan Alpine tent is a 3 season premium quality locally made camping tent. This gear will stand against any weather condition and it will keep you dry throughout your adventure.

Campingaz Butane Gas Cartridge 220g

High quality butane gas cartridges for use in portable camping stoves this re-seal-able Cartridges can be removed from the stove when partially used.

Coleman Mini High Tech Cree X – Lamp

Get the contemporary, compact design you want and the bright light you need with the Coleman® High Tech LED Mini Lantern.This handy little light runs over 200 hours on low,produces up to 85 lumens of bright.

Campingaz Camp Bistro Single Burner Stove

This Stove can be easily and safely transported and stored, while its integrated piezo ignition system is simple to use and extremely reliable for any camping adventure.

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Articles all about camping in Sri Lanka

How to survive wild animal attacks

When it comes to camping definitely you have to deal with the wild life. there are so many animal attacks incidents have reported around the Sri Lanka . As a camper you should have a basic understanding about how we should face to such scenarios.Hope this article might help you.

Devil’s Staircase – Ohiya Sri Lanka

There are so many locations around the world called "Devil's Staircase" (යකාගේ පඩිපෙල) . We also got one here in Sri Lanka and it is located between Kalupahana & Ohiya. If we explain what is the Devil's Staircase is, its a man made zig-zag road which is extremely steep and difficult.



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