Prima Trincomalee

Places to visit in Trincomalee – Sri Lanka

This article may be off-topic because we are supposed to discuss Camping. But we thought of sharing our experience at Trincomalee after few visits we had. Hope you will be able to plan Trincomalee trip wisely reading this article. Trincomalee is a one big travel attraction in Sri Lanka and highly famous among local and foreign travellers. The History of Trincomalee is worth to read and you can find the details from Wikipedia. If you are Read more…

How to survive wild animal attacks

When it comes to camping definitely you have to deal with the wild life. there are so many animal attacks incidents have reported around the Sri Lanka . As a camper you should have a basic understanding about how we should face to such scenarios.Hope this article might help you.

Devil's staircase

Devil’s Staircase – Ohiya Sri Lanka

There are so many locations around the world called “Devil’s Staircase” (යකාගේ පඩිපෙල) .

We also got one here in Sri Lanka and it is located between Kalupahana & Ohiya. If we explain what is the Devil’s Staircase is, its a man made zig-zag road which is extremely steep and difficult.

Camping Tents

Do not buy a Camping Tent without reading this article

We get so many questions asking about what should be considered when buying a camping tent in Sri Lanka. This article will provide comprehensive guide to buy a perfect camping tent. Purpose Purpose of buying a tent might vary from person to person. Here purpose means where you suppose to use the tent. We can divide Camping tents to two categories. Open type tents Closed type tents To clarify, a closed tent is well covered Read more…

Drones Sri Lanka

Best drone for hiking and camping adventures

The Internet has a heap of articles and videos on selecting the best drone. Selecting a drone for adventures is tricky since it involves some extra factors to consider. Its a dream for a traveler to have a drone in their backpack. Drone photography and videography definitely will add some extra value to your adventure with some jaw-dropping shots. Check below articles for our drone videos. Dethanaga Mountain Hike Chariot path of King Rawana Wangedigala Read more…

Camping Foods Srilanka

Camping foods – Comprehensive list of options

It’s a most asked question, what are the foods that we should bring for camping? and definitely the hardest part when planning a camping trip. In Sri Lanka, the options we have are limited therefore hereby we suppose to list down some of the best and common foods that hikers take when camping. Instant Noodles Yes, its the food almost all campers select at first, they always have instant noodle packets in their bags. Take Read more…

Garandi Ella

Gerandi Ella (ගැරඬි ඇල්ල) Camping – Kalugala

Author – Bilaal Hassan Gerandi Ella (ගැරඬි ඇල්ල) is another beautiful waterfall located in Kandy District Ududumbara, Kalugala. As the name implies the water fall is shaped snake and Reaching to the waterfall is adventures journey. Trip Summary Location Gerandi Ella – Kalugala Permission Not Required. But recommend to have. Activities Hiking, Camping, Photography Transport Public, Bus, Van, 4×4 Difficulty High Time for hike 4 Hours – 8 Hours Route Colombo > Ududumbara > Kalugala Read more…


Narangala Mountain Hike & Camping – Badulla

Narangala (නාරංගල) is the 5th highest mountain in Uva Province with 1527m height. This situated at Badulla – Kandegedara area and famous place for both hikers and campers. Hike in summary Narangala has two entry points named Keenakele side & Thangamale Dewalaya side, But the keenakale side is commonly used by hikers. After the Kandegedara area you may not find shops to eat or buy goods therefore its wise to have your stuff packed up Read more…

Camping Guide – Horton Plains Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka forest department have amazing campsites all around the island which can book from Battaramulla Forest Department head office. Certainly Horton Plains is one of the best among them. Booking Hortain plains got three camping sites and you will have to select one place and book by paying charge of Rs.2500/= (2020.02). Campsites situated 750m from Horton plains visitor center. One campsite will accommodate 10 persons and every campsite has a toilet. further, Car Read more…

Haritha kanda - Sri lanka

Haritha Kanda Camping – Bogawanthalawa

Haritha Kanda (හරිත කන්ද) is a beautiful mountain situated Boagawanthalawa Sri Lanka which is very famous destination among hikers. There are so  many one day  hikes being organised for this location & some hikers call this place “Mini New Zealand”.  Haritha kanda is a great place for a beginner to start hiking and have first experience of camping. Summarized hiking guide as follows, Route – Colombo >  Avissawella > Kithulgala >Ginigathhena > Bogawanthalawa > bogawana Read more…